Monday, October 2, 2006

Two Weeks

I'm typing today with only my index finger. If anyone was around the club yesterday you may have witnessed what is now being called "Teddy's last spin". As many of you know I will do anything to win a game of tennis. I have been known to risk life and or limb. Yesterday. Split sets. Tie-breaker. I decide the best way out of the longest volley in the history of my tennis playing career is to "snap a blooper". My kids hate this shot. I get them nearly every time. So Marty Turpee hits a soft return and I snap a blooper. At the exact moment of the snap, I heard my wrist pop. Isaac Gilman looked at it and immediately told me I had a sprain. Did I listen? Never. Turn the pages to me four hours later at the doc's. My wrist was the size of a small melon. Severe sprain and I can't play for two weeks and I may never be able to snap a blooper again.